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Pottal Fii Bhantal DC

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Pottal-Fii-Bhantal is a flexible organization that reflects the geographic dispersion of citizens of Foutah-Jallon around the world. This flexibility makes our organization a movement open and adaptable to survive the vicissitudes of social struggle.

Pottal-Fii-Bhantal has a central committee and many sections. The Central Commission acts as an advisory body that assists sections in their operation. In the U.S. the sections are in the states. There are a dozen today. Internationally, the sections are in African and European countries. There are six sections. Few are under development in three countries. Pottal-Fii-Bhantal encourages diversity and the emergence of associations pursuing the same goals. Organizations are free to use the name that suits them: to be independent organizations or be-sections Pottal Fii-Bhantal.  The most important are the objectives and action programs. Sections, affiliated organizations and the central committee work closely in coordinating the implementation of the programs of the association